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Purchase limit is set on the card level (i.e. different limits apply per card type owned by you and is not set on the overall total foreign currency cards purchases carried per month)
• Please note that transactions in foreign currency are converted into the equivalent in Egyptian Pounds at the prevailing market rate at the posting date and not at the transaction date attracting the foreign currency markup fees and charges as per the ‘Schedule of Tariff’ announced on our website

2. What are the transactions that fall under this monthly capping?
Limit covers both the transactions of primary and supplementary cards of the same product type.

3. What is the effective date for the capping change?
Change is effective starting 4 May 2017.

4. Will the purchase limit be refreshed on monthly basis?
For credit cards, there will be no capping on the foreign currency transactions. The card can be used overseas up to the credit card limit.
For debit cards, the foreign currency purchase limit will be refreshed based on the monthly calendar after the completion of the first working day of the month (i.e. will be refreshed on the second day of every month while catering for weekends and public holidays).

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